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Who are we?

Pro Motion Rehab Inc. is located in Murphy, NC and was established in December 2006. We are a family-owned and therapist operated facility, using state of the art equipment providing individualized attention. We specialize in neck, back, knee, hip & shoulder therapies. Our patient-centered approach combines the unique power of  Physical, Occupational and Massage Therapies.

Physical Therapy Relieves pain by using specialized forms of the below-mentioned therapies and Teaches you how to manage and take control of your pain or problem through education, instruction, and self-care.  Physical Therapy creates strength through safe, sound and specialized exercises under the supervision of your therapist, and Promotes free motion in the joints through exercises and mobilization. It Improves athletic performance by using superior training techniques and equipment to increase your speed, strength, and agility. It also makes you feel better by stimulating endorphin and serotonin release and enhancing self-confidence.

Physical Therapists … typically go to school for 6-8 years consisting of college, graduate, professional, and doctoral training. A state board license is required before entering into practice.

Are You a Candidate? 
Seek our Therapy services immediately if you suffer from:
1.    Parkinson’s Disease
2.    Stroke
3.    TMJ
2.   Arthritis
3.   Back Problems / Pain
4.   Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
5.   Dizziness
6.   Fibromyalgia
7.   Migraine Headaches
8.   Work or Auto Injury
9.   Sports Injury
10. Shoulder Pain or Problems
11. Knee Osteoarthritis
12.  Weakness or Fatigue
13.  Elbow / Wrist / Hand Pain
14.  Neck Pain
15.  Knee or Hip Pain
16.  Ankle Pain / Injury
17.  Decreased or Limited Endurance
18.  Balance Problems or Vertigo
19.  Limited Movement
20. Had a recent joint replacement, arthroscopic surgery, or procedure that limits your function.

Some of our therapies include: Orthopedic Rehab, LSVT Big and Loud utilizing our Solo Step Track System for Parkinson’s Disease, Cold Laser, E-Stim, ATM2, Biodex Isokinetic, and Balance System, Anodyne, Decompression, Spider Taping, Manual Therapy and so much morewhich assists your own body’s healing power. We provide Don Joy Braces for patients with a specific need.

If you have exhausted your medical benefits for Physical Therapy or you are ready to follow your own exercise program, but would like a little help in pain management, strengthening and maintaining your physical health  following your therapy, we have a supervised gym program called the 30/30/40. You can exercise independently for 30 minutes utilizing our facility and equipment and we will render appropriate modalities for up to 30 minutes, all for only $40.00.

If however, you are interested in a self-pay Physical Therapy program with one of our highly trained and licensed therapists, overseeing your entire program, you have the option to pay a reduced community service rate that does not get billed to your insurance plan.

More information about our services can be found by visiting our website at ProMotionRehab.com You will love the results you get from the treatments provided by our caring staff of professionals. If you have any questions, please call during our regular business hours and one of our courteous staff will do their best to find an answer. We sincerely appreciate any comments or suggestions you may have to offer that will enhance our services.

 It is our goal to provide the highest level of care as we strive to meet your therapy needs.

Pro Motion Rehab Inc.
Physical, Occupational and Massage Therapies
2810 W. US Hwy 64 Suite 1
Murphy, NC 28906


5 STAR Reviews


"Pro Motion Rehab has the Best Physical Therapy Personnel. They are Very Friendly, Caring, Encouraging and Professional. They want you to get back in the game and enjoy life. I definitely Recommend Pro Motion to Anyone who needs Physical Therapy. To Each and Everyone Of You ... THANK YOU "

George B.

"I strongly recommend Pro Motion Rehab. Everyone is genuinely happy you are there. Great care, every aspect, by everybody involved in your care. You can rest assured that your care plan is well thought of for your particular need. If problems arise, just tell them and they will change the care plan. Very easy to work with, cooperative including you, in your return to gaining strength and mobility. Such an enjoyable atmosphere!"

Debra W.

"If you're hurtin', it's for certain Pro Motion is the place for you!!! PERIOD "


"The staff is amazing! I had so therapy for 1 year due to an arm injury and they made me feel like family. Everyone was well trained and always knew what to do. The place is clean and well taken care of! Miss you all 😘"

Sharon W. 

"Pro Motion Rehab : I can’t say enough good things about Pro Motion Rehab . From the time you walk in you are greeted by friendly staff . Physical therapy, who would think that it would be fun to have pain, lol . Everyone here is very professional, they go out of their way to make you feel at ease . The atmosphere is very uplifting , I enjoy being here during my therapy , I have been here since April , so I feel like a part of the fixtures here . Everyone just lifts your spirts with their personality’s , all different but all with a heart of gold . Never do I feel like oh geez therapy again ! Great friendly place they all make you feel like one big family ! Thank you all !!"

Lydia S.

"I have never been to a healthcare facility with such a great staff. Every single person is genuinely helpful, pleasant, and kind. I have had nothing but positive experiences with Pro Motion and would highly recommend anyone to their services. Thank you for taking amazing care of me! "

Amanda B.


"I totally recommends Pro Motion Rehab Inc. The first day, I met Julie and she made me feel like, this is the place. I can’t say enough about the whole staff!!!, amazingly friendly, patient, and helpful every step of the way. Great manager, and team leaders, If I had any questions, from the staff, they were very knowledgeable. They went over and above working with me. Didi is a real jewel. very tough. Great!! Nobody likes the pain of rehab, if you need it, this is the place for you. What I loved about the staff is everyone worked so well together and seemed like they really enjoyed their job. They always had something friendly to say to brighten everyone's day. I loved it. "

Patty C.

Read more here ... https://www.promotionrehab.com/reviews-pro-motion-rehab/


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This year October 2020

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Occupational Therapy

Our Occupational Therapist works with you to help you achieve a fulfilled life, through, the use of activity designed to achieve functional outcomes which promote health, prevent injury and improve and restore your level of independence.  Occupational Therapy is about helping you to do the day-to-day tasks.  The hand and wrist work together to allow you to perform activities of daily living, as well as participating in athletic and artistic endeavors. Working with your hands is not only functionally important, but can enhance your life. The goal of hand surgery is to treat pathology caused by overuse trauma, inflammatory or degenerative processes. Restoration of function and resolution of symptoms, such as pain, are critical goals of our discipline. Most conditions are amenable to initial non-operative management. Below is a list of a  select hand pathologies and treatments including basic information regarding each condition.

Normal Hand Anatomy - The hand is an intricate instrument that is both tough and delicate. Its functions of sensations and motion allow us to experience and control the world around us.

Trigger Finger - The tendons of the thumb and each of the fingers pass through a sheath on the palm side of the hand. Certain diseases and overuse activities can cause a thickening of this sheath. As the tendon passes through a thickened sheath, the tendon eventually becomes irritated and swells. Pain, catching and eventually locking of the finger will occur. Symptoms usually starts with mild discomfort and tenderness at the base of the fingers and thumb. The affected digit will be painful to bend or straighten and will often pop when flexing.  Causes are not always clear and can be caused by repetitive use. Some cases can be caused by rheumatoid arthritis, gout and diabetes. Early treatment can be as simple as warm or cold packs, anti-inflammatory meds, and splinting to reduce the repetitive motion of the affected finger. Resting the tendon is the important thing and then strengthening  it.

Dupuytren’s Contracture - This disorder is a thickening of a ligament in the palm, resulting in nodules on the ligament which, if severe enough, can cause an inability to fully straighten the fingers. The ring and small fingers are the fingers most commonly involved. is a condition that causes the tissue just beneath the skin of the palm to tighten, drawing the fingers.  Dupuytren's contracture into the palm. Symptoms you may feel the tissue beneath your palm start to thicken and over time will cause lumps that develop in your palm and extend into your fingers making it difficult to open your hand. The tightness and bent fingers develops slowly over time, taking months or even years to develop. Treatment Options Hand therapy can help in the post-operative care and management. Elizabeth can fabricate a splint to help keep your fingers extended 

DeQuervains Tenosynovitis - Tendonitis on the thumb side of the wrist can be a very painful and disabling condition. Simple pinching and twisting activities can be almost impossible. The tendons to the thumb become inflamed as they pass under a ligament and the slightest motion of the wrist can cause pain. Symptoms localized pain, swelling, and tenderness on the thumb side of the wrist. Gripping and pinching becomes painful. Causes excessive repetitive use, stress and pressure on the affected area. Repeated gripping and pinching which results in inflammation and pain. Previous wrist injuries including fractures and rheumatoid arthritis can also be associated. Treatment Options reducing repetitive motions with your thumb. Elizabeth may design a splint for you to wear at night and help you with self-care exercises.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome - is a common hand problem resulting from pressure on the median nerve at the wrist. Symptoms, which are often worse at night, consist of numbness and pain in the wrist and fingers. Eventually there is loss of strength, fine motor control and sensation. Early treatment consists of splinting. Symptoms pain, numbness and tingling in the fingers, hand and arms and are felt during the night and daily activities like driving or anything that causes a weakened grip or a tendency to drop things. Causes pressure on the nerve in the wrist, swelling, dislocations, fractures, arthritis, and keeping your elbow bent for long periods of time causing the nerve to be pinched. Treatment Options changing the hand use patterns that cause inflammation and wearing wrist splints.

Myofascial Release - is a form of soft tissue Therapy. Fascia is a structure of connective tissue that surrounds groups of muscles, blood vessels, and nerves. It binds some structures together, while permitting others to slide smoothly over each other. Fascia can become tight or restricted which can cause your pain and limit your motion. Once these limitations are released, you can experience ease and freedom of motion, comfort at rest, and relaxation.

The role of our Occupational Therapist in Orthopedics is to assist you and help you to overcome some of the limitations due to your condition or injury. By helping you to work and live independently, as well as helping you to improve your well-being. The Therapist will assess your abilities and lifestyle prior to your surgery or illness, as well as your expectations of your lifestyle post-surgery. Our Therapist will consult with you and the Orthopedic surgeon in charge of the surgery to develop a program that will best suit your expectations. After major orthopedic surgery it is imperative that your able to become independent and able to manage your lifestyle choices.

Orthopedic Hand and Elbow for Arthritis, Carpel Tunnel, Fractures, Tendon Repairs, Contractures, Splinting, Orthotics for hands, fingers, wrist and elbow, Stroke Rehab, Multiple Sclerosis, Spinal Cord Injury, Brain Injury, Parkinson's

Simple Wound Care: cleaning of wounds, monitoring and bandaging. Does not include debridement, staples or stitch removal.

Other services to include: Fluido-Therapy, Paraffin, Cold Laser, Ultrasound, Electrical Stimulation, Traction, Manual Therapy is used for a variety of conditions. IASTM (Instrumented Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization), MPS (Microcurrent Point Stimulation), ETPS (Needleless Acupuncture), Myofascial Release, Scar Management to reduce adhesions and improve movement.

Some of the reasons why you may seek Occupational Therapy include:  Neck pain, tennis elbow, after surgery, scars, carpal tunnel and chronic pain to name a few.

Our occupational therapist is a specialist who can help you with your arthritis and to help you to maximize your ability to participate in activities safely and enhance your quality of life. The sooner you start working with an occupational therapist, the more you can benefit. Right after your arthritis diagnosis is a good time to see an occupational therapist, your primary care physician can refer you. Our OT wants to know about your everyday activities such as school, homemaking, work, things like laundry or anything that might become challenging, no matter how large or small. Then she will make an appropriate plan to address all those issues. Her goal is to teach you self-management skills. The plan could include a custom-fitting for splints or supports that can ease stress on painful joints and help prevent deformity. Elizabeth can teach you how to protect your joints by performing tasks in different ways than you may be used to, such as using both hands or using an assistive device.

People with arthritis really benefit from assistive devices because they help them to do more tasks with less pain, we also focus on a home exercise program that will help increase your range of motion, flexibility and strength. Her overall goal is to improve your  strength so that you can do certain functional activities, like turning doorknobs and everyday activities. Arthritis is a chronic disease, so it will continue and change over time. Occupational therapy is always a good option for learning how to overcome some of life’s challenges when you have arthritis. Occupational Therapy is vital to your recovery and rehabilitation of musculoskeletal injuries or conditions where proper movement has been affected. We work close with your Orthopedic surgeon to achieve your treatment goals. Our Occupational Therapist is responsible for providing ongoing rehabilitation and care to you. By assessing, planning, implementing and evaluating the management of your injury or condition. Our Occupational Therapist Elizabeth aims to improve the balance and function of your musculoskeletal system. There are stages to the rehabilitation according to your injury or condition, and it is often seen as the second stage of the recovery process. This type of rehabilitation will generally follow Orthopedic surgery. Rehabilitation becomes something that must be co-manage with close monitoring and guidance by our Occupational Therapist. During this stage you are encouraged to learn new skills, begin to re-build physical strength as well as your mental stamina and in many cases address the realities that many orthopedic conditions such as spinal injuries, trauma accidents and joint replacements require  


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Insurance Terms and Definitions - Understanding Your Physical Therapy Coverage

Insurance Terms and Definitions 
Understanding Your Physical Therapy Coverage

Benefit: A general term referring to any service (such as a physical therapy visit, laboratory test, surgical procedure, etc.) or supply (such as prescription drugs, durable medical equipment, etc.) covered by a health insurance plan.

Claim: A request for payment that the patient, doctor, physical therapy clinic, hospital, or other health provider submits to an insurer for covered items or services, such as physical therapy visits

Co-Insurance: This is a percentage amount that is the insured’s responsibility. A common co-insurance split is 80/20. This means that the insurance company will pay 80% of the services and the insured is required to pay the remaining 20%.

Co-Payments:  A co-payment is a fixed amount that the insured is required to pay at the time of service.

Deductible: The deductible refers to the amount of money that the insured will need to pay before any benefits would be paid by your health insurance carrier. This is usually a yearly amount so when the policy starts again the deductible would be in effect again. Usually there are separate individual deductible amounts and total family deductible amounts. Some plans may have separate deductibles for specific services, such as physical therapy and hospitalization, and these may be different amounts. Also, the deductible amount may vary if a provider is considered in-network or out-of-network provider.

Exclusions: Services or items not covered under a given health plan that the insurer will not pay.  Under the Affordable Care Act pre-existing conditions will no longer be denied coverage.

In-Network: Providers are considered in-network if they have a contract with an insurance company. Typically, deductible amounts are lower and co-insurance amounts are higher with an in-network provider, resulting in lower overall cost to the patient.

Lifetime Maximum: This is the most amount of money the health insurance policy will pay for during the patient’s entire lifetime. Pay attention to individual lifetime maximums and family lifetime maximums as they can be different.

Out-of-Network: Providers are considered out-of-network if they do not have a contract with an insurance company. Typically, deductible amounts are higher and co-insurance amounts are lower with an out-of-network provider, resulting in higher overall cost to the patient.

Out-of-Pocket: An out-of-pocket expense can refer to how much the co-payment, coinsurance, or deductible is. Also, when the term annual out-of-pocket maximum is used, that is referring to how much the insured would have to pay for the whole year out of their pocket, excluding premiums.

PIP: PIP, or Personal Injury Protection, is automobile insurance coverage that pays medical expenses for individuals injured in an auto accident, regardless of who is at fault.  This coverage is also known as no-fault Personal Injury Protection.

Premium: The amount paid monthly for healthcare insurance coverage.

Provider: A term commonly used by health insurance companies to designate any healthcare provider, whether a doctor, physical therapist, hospital, or clinic.

Referral: The process through which a patient under a managed care health insurance plan is authorized by his or her primary care physician to a see a specialist, such as a physical therapist, for the diagnosis or treatment of a specific condition.

Specialist Visits: Physical therapy is considered a specialty visit because of the in-depth skills and knowledge of the physical therapists.



We will remain opened for you our patients

Pro Motion Rehab continues to be here for you during this time that affects all of us in our world today. We understand that you are still in need of Physical and Occupational Therapy and the services that we offer. So, we have decided to remain here for you under normal business hours.

We have protocols in place for cleaning our surfaces, equipment, linens, and hands before and after we treat you.  As always we thank you for trusting us with your safety and will continue to be a provider who cares for our community.

To ensure we all stay safe and healthy, if you have any symptoms shown on this graphic, or have come in contact with anyone who has these symptoms. Please self-isolate yourself for the recommended time. We will reschedule your appointment.

From the Pro Motion Rehab Team


Concussion Management

To: Coaches and Athletic Directors

We provide FREE Baseline Concussion Testing to any school-aged Athlete in the Cherokee, Clay and Union County areas. Remove the guesswork and enroll your athlete in our Biodex Concussion Management Program.

How do you really know if it is safe for players coming off a concussion can return to play?

We are excited to extend the resources of our Concussion Management Program to you and your athletes, to answer these questions. We offer a Biodex Concussion Management Program and we would like the opportunity to enroll your athletes with a simple baseline test of balance and cognitive assessment. In the event of an injury, athletes are retested and compared to baseline as well as compared to age- and gender-specific normative data. All data is stored per athlete with the ability to generate HIPAA-compliant reporting.

A guideline for Sideline Assessment and an RTP Algorithm helps make objective decisions on the field. The test only takes minutes but will provide valuable information in the event of a concussion. High school athletes engaged in contact sports are experiencing concussions at an alarming rate. The Centers for Disease Control estimate up to 3 million sports-related concussions are happening in the U.S. with school-aged children making up the majority of these cases. The rate of reoccurrence is just as concerning. When a concussion protocol is followed, kids usually recover within a week or two. Without a protocol, the risks can be great including reoccurrence and possible lasting effects. Each concussion is different, so too is each patient’s recovery. Having objective-baseline and data-driven support is essential for those difficult return-to-play decisions.

We look forward to working with you and your team. Please call (828) 837-0400 for a time to set up an evaluation.

Concussion Management combines balance and cognitive baseline with post-injury testing for objective decisions. Cognitive testing alone is not enough. At Pro Motion Rehab in Murphy, NC we do FREE Baseline testing for any concerned parents wanting to ensure their kids can make it to college with their cognitive and proprioceptive abilities intact.

Read more here >>> https://www.gq.com/story/nfl-players-brain-dementia-study-memory-concussions

Pro Motion Rehab Inc.
Physical, Occupational and Massage Therapies
2810 W. US Hwy 64 Suite 1
Murphy, NC 28906