We will remain opened for you our patients

Pro Motion Rehab continues to be here for you during this time that affects all of us in our world today. We understand that you are still in need of Physical and Occupational Therapy and the services that we offer. So, we have decided to remain here for you under normal business hours.

We have protocols in place for cleaning our surfaces, equipment, linens, and hands before and after we treat you.  As always we thank you for trusting us with your safety and will continue to be a provider who cares for our community.

To ensure we all stay safe and healthy, if you have any symptoms shown on this graphic, or have come in contact with anyone who has these symptoms. Please self-isolate yourself for the recommended time. We will reschedule your appointment.

From the Pro Motion Rehab Team


To the Patients of Pro Motion Rehab,

We want to inform you of the steps we are taking to maintain a safe environment for you, your family, and our staff.  PLEASE READ THIS IN ITS ENTIRETY.

First, we want to thank you for the trust and friendship you have shown us over the years. We are very thankful for each and every one of you. We want you to know that we will be here to help meet the needs for which you and your doctor have entrusted us.
With all that said,

• You or someone in your immediate family are experiencing fever, cough, shortness of breath, or respiratory issues of ANY kind
• If you or someone in your immediate family has had a fever in the last 72 hours
• If you have been exposed to someone with the Coronavirus, please notify us and allow us to reschedule your appointment 14 days from time of exposure
• If you were at the Folk School in Brasstown, NC on Tuesday, March 10th for the Contra-dance
• If you have traveled through any airport in the last 2 weeks
• If you have been to the Emergency Room or hospital in the past 2 weeks

In order to further prevent cross contamination, we ask for your cooperation in the following:

• Please limit the number of people sitting in the reception area, if you are uncomfortable with sitting in the reception area in close proximity to others, please feel free to wait outside or in your car/vehicle. Just advise the front desk person that you will be in your vehicle and let them know your cell number and the make/model/color (if needed) of the vehicle.
• When you enter the facility, please use our hand sanitizer to cleanse your hands from any possible viral hitchhikers
• Check in with the person at the front desk, no sign-in sheet will be utilized to avoid cross contamination
• The Front Desk personnel may check your temperature using an approved FDA device
• Please wait until we come to get you for your appointment to minimize the number of people in the gym area

We will gladly bring the patient out to your vehicle if you are waiting for them there
During this time especially, we will be doing everything in our power to maintain a virus free environment for everyone in our facility. We hope you understand our efforts to reduce or remove any risk factors and pray you are not offended in any way. Our goal is to provide you with the best care possible while keeping you, your family, and our staff safe.

Thank you for your anticipated cooperation.

If you have any comments, questions, or concerns (or complaints ) please do not hesitate to notify us at the number listed above.


Who are we?

Pro Motion Rehab Inc. is located in Murphy, NC and was established in December 2006. We are a family-owned and therapist operated facility, using state of the art equipment providing individualized attention. We specialize in neck, back, knee, hip & shoulder therapies. Our patient-centered approach combines the unique power of  Physical, Occupational and Massage Therapies.

Physical Therapy Relieves pain by using specialized forms of the below-mentioned therapies and Teaches you how to manage and take control of your pain or problem through education, instruction, and self-care.  Physical Therapy creates strength through safe, sound and specialized exercises under the supervision of your therapist, and Promotes free motion in the joints through exercises and mobilization. It Improves athletic performance by using superior training techniques and equipment to increase your speed, strength, and agility. It also makes you feel better by stimulating endorphin and serotonin release and enhancing self-confidence.

Physical Therapists … typically go to school for 6-8 years consisting of college, graduate, professional, and doctoral training. A state board license is required before entering into practice.

Are You a Candidate? Seek our Therapy services immediately if you suffer from:
1.    Parkinson’s Disease
2.    Stroke
3.    TMJ
2.   Arthritis
3.   Back Problems / Pain
4.   Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
5.   Dizziness
6.   Fibromyalgia
7.   Migraine Headaches
8.   Work or Auto Injury
9.   Sports Injury
10. Shoulder Pain or Problems
11. Knee Osteoarthritis
12.  Weakness or Fatigue
13.  Elbow / Wrist / Hand Pain
14.  Neck Pain
15.  Knee or Hip Pain
16.  Ankle Pain / Injury
17.  Decreased or Limited Endurance
18.  Balance Problems or Vertigo
19.  Limited Movement
20. Had a recent joint replacement, arthroscopic surgery, or procedure that limits your function.

Some of our therapies include: Orthopedic Rehab, LSVT Big and Loud utilizing our Solo Step Track System for Parkinson’s Disease, Cold Laser, E-Stim, ATM2, Biodex Isokinetic, and Balance System, Anodyne, Decompression, Spider Taping, Manual Therapy and so much morewhich assists your own body’s healing power. We provide Don Joy Braces for patients with a specific need.

If you have exhausted your medical benefits for Physical Therapy or you are ready to follow your own exercise program, but would like a little help in pain management, strengthening and maintaining your physical health  following your therapy, we have a supervised gym program called the 30/30/40. You can exercise independently for 30 minutes utilizing our facility and equipment and we will render appropriate modalities for up to 30 minutes, all for only $40.00.

If however, you are interested in a self-pay Physical Therapy program with one of our highly trained and licensed therapists, overseeing your entire program, you have the option to pay a reduced community service rate that does not get billed to your insurance plan.

More information about our services can be found by visiting our website at ProMotionRehab.com You will love the results you get from the treatments provided by our caring staff of professionals. If you have any questions, please call during our regular business hours and one of our courteous staff will do their best to find an answer. We sincerely appreciate any comments or suggestions you may have to offer that will enhance our services.

 It is our goal to provide the highest level of care as we strive to meet your therapy needs.

Pro Motion Rehab Inc.
Physical, Occupational and Massage Therapies
2810 W. US Hwy 64 Suite 1
Murphy, NC 28906