Many years ago, I discovered gold in my back yard. So, I called a friend who had been struggling financially for some time and told him that I had found gold in my back yard. He was very pleasantly surprised and obviously envious. I told my friend, “you and I have been friends for many years, I want to help you and I think this is how I can help. If you come over you can have as much gold as you can carry. My friend replied, “how will I get the gold?” I told my friend, “get your bucket and shovel and come over, you can have all the gold you want. It will really help you in your situation.” His reply really took me off guard, he said, “my car is not running and I don’t have the money to fix it right now, how will I get there?” Feeling a bit frustrated I said, “man, call a taxi, get your bucket and shovel, and get your tail over here, this will change your life more than you can image.” Once again, his reply just simply floored me, he stated, “well, I really can’t because I don’t have a bucket and shovel on top of no ride to get there”.

The moral of the story above is,

If you are suffering from pain, weakness, unsteadiness, loss of balance, falling, or if you are recovering from an orthopedic surgery, physical therapy can really make a difference. If you have been dealing with your problem for some time and have not yet tried physical therapy, then consider how it could change your life. Of course, it means you have to put in a little effort to make it happen. Once you start physical therapy, it means you have to comply with the instructions given by your therapist. You have to keep your appointments and be willing to give up a little bit of your time, complete your home exercise program, and follow your therapist’s recommendations.

The issue I have discovered is that most patients don’t want to come 3 times per week for a couple of weeks to really get the pain under control. By following the recommended plan of care the therapist can move you into a program of exercises and/or stretching that will help to further reduce your pain while maintaining the reduction of pain gained at the beginning of the therapy. Additionally, when you cancel your appointment(s) or fail to show for a scheduled appointment, it not only affects the progress potential that you can make but it affects the flow and business of the physical therapy clinic. These instructions and schedules are designed for your benefit. These clinics schedule you for an individualized treatment with the therapist which takes up a slot that others may have wanted but you were the lucky individual who obtained it first. Plus, the clinic still pays the therapist and all the other expenses associated with running the clinic even though you failed to show up for a scheduled visit.

Our experience has shown that those patients who comply with the therapist’s instructions and show for all of their scheduled appointments tend to do a lot better than those who fail to follow the instructions and schedule.

Moral of the story,
If you want the gold someone is offering, you are going to have to put in the effort and become willing to comply with the instructions given.

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